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  • Read How The New York Bariatric Group Changes Lives

    Life after obesity is just wonderful! Dieting? I’ve done it all: Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, the Atkins Diet, and the grapefruit diet and I always gained the weight back. Now, since the surgery, I’ve finally lost the weight for good, and I’m not worried about gaining the weight back. Dr. Garber has a comprehensive program and a staff that helps you before and AFTER your surgery. Now I can shop in regular stores and waking up thin means that all of my clothes fit every day!

    Linda, Seaford, NY


  • Read How The New York Bariatric Group Changes Lives

    I was downtown on 9/11 and couldn’t run to save my life. My co-workers had to help me. Since I’ve lost the weight, people finally notice me. I love to buy new clothes and walking down the street is a pleasure, I finally get noticed and get attention that I had wanted for so many years.

    Cindy, Lynbrook, NY

  • Read How The New York Bariatric Group Changes Lives

    My biggest frustration today is that I didn’t do this surgery sooner. As a builder, I can now walk through the framing studs in my buildings. My diabetes? GONE! Heel Spurs? GONE! High Blood Pressure? GONE! I can now walk into a regular clothing store and buy clothes. People who know me don’t recognize me. To be honest with you, I’m sick of talking about it!

    Doug, Southampton, NY


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Welcome to our Website

The New York Bariatric Group would like to welcome you to our extensive multimedia learning center. Learn what our patients have to say and hear from the nations leading experts in weight loss surgery. We are proud to offer one of the most comprehensive bariatric websites with online seminars and the opportunity for extensive patient interaction and support.

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