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Endoflip During Lap-Band Surgery to Increase Your Weight Loss

Endoflip Endoflip Endoflip

Endoflip During Lap-Band Surgery to Increase Your Weight Loss

The New York Bariatric Group is pleased to once again be the first practice in the entire Northeast of the United States to introduce a new technique to improve lap band weight loss in adjustable gastric band patients called the Endoflip.

The adjustable gastric lap band surgery is a restrictive only procedure that works by creating a small pouch of stomach above the band.  When following the proper eating regimen with the band appropriately adjusted, patients achieve satiety with much smaller volumes of food and lose weight.  The procedure is popular due to its low risk. 


The key to success with the adjustable gastric lap band surgery is to achieve the “sweet spot” in adjustments where the band is tight enough to keep solid food above the band for several hours after eating but loose enough for food to pass through.  Getting to the “sweet spot” usually takes several adjustments with careful assessment of progress after each adjustment to achieve success.  Unfortunately, each patient is different- it requires different volumes of saline to achieve appropriate adjustment of the band.

The endoflip is a new device that can be used as an adjunct in the operating room during lap band surgery to achieve immediate proper adjustment at the time of insertion of the adjustable gastric.  The endoflip is inserted into the stomach after the band is placed.  Once the band is in position, the band is adjusted in the operating room, while the endoflip gives immediate feedback about how tight the band is becoming as saline is added.  Using the endoflip, the surgeon can adjust the band so when patients leave the operating room, the band is properly adjusted.  Hitting the “sweet spot” from the day of surgery jump starts a patient’s weight loss, making this new procedure a very important piece of lap band surgery information!

Like other bariatric procedures, the Endoflip at the time of your adjustable gastric lap band surgery is just a tool patients can use to achieve weight loss.  Lifestyle changes that alter the way you think about and approach food remain critical to successful long term lap band weight loss.  If you are interested in employing the endoflip during your lap band surgery, please ask your surgeon for further details, or call the New York Bariatric Group at 800.633.8446 for more lap band surgery information on the innovative new endoflip.